Secure Data Room Solution

Data rooms permit confidential business information to be disclosed only to a select group of people, minimizing the chance that it will be viewed by unauthorised individuals. Traditionally, due diligence took place in physical rooms, but nowadays, the majority of due diligence is conducted online through virtual deal rooms (also called VDRs). The most secure data room solutions offer numerous layers of security to ensure that data is safe from intrusion.

Administrators can set up the access levels of each folder in the data room. Administrators can define access rules for documents downloaded. Dynamic watermarks can stop unauthorised printing and sharing as well as the “remote shred,” or “remote wipe” feature lets administrators remotely to erase encrypted files on stolen or lost devices.

Precise audit logs document all activities in the data room including who used each file and when. With this level of transparency admins can scrutinize user’s activity and spot potential issues. They can also remove access to documents after they have been downloaded.

Secure collaboration is a must for modern businesses whether for M&A finance, boardroom communications, research and development or legal work. The best data room solution offers a seamless integration with your existing IT systems, the latest security and analytics tools, and customizable branding. Thousands of service providers as well as banks, power utilities and investment firms use HyperComply to securely share files with clients 12x faster.

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