Ecommerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

The online shoppers have plenty of choices, so it’s important to make their shopping experience as simple and smooth as you can. When customers encounter a frustrating or confusing shopping process they may leave their carts altogether and even leave a negative review that can convince other potential buyers to steer clear of your store.

These design mistakes can result in serious negative effects on your sales. Most of these mistakes are easily avoided with some effort.

Utilizing images of low-quality

Everyone doesn’t want to purchase to purchase a product that’s not displayed in the best light. It is crucial to use high-quality photos on your ecommerce website. Images that aren’t of the highest quality won’t just turn off customers, but also damage the image of your brand.

Not Offering a Guest Checkout option

Another common error is not providing an option for guests to checkout. This can discourage potential customers from making purchases on your site. Many customers are hesitant to sign up on the new site, particularly when it requires them provide personal information, such as their email address. Instead, you should permit your customers to sign up via their social media accounts to official website speed up the process and alleviate privacy concerns.

Finally, another big ecommerce design blunder is having a messy and disorganized menu structure. It’s crucial to have a clear plan for how each page on your website will appear so that navigation is clear and easy for customers. Make sure that every page is organized according to the type of content that it holds and make it easy for your customers to find what they’re looking to find.

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