APUS Browser Virus Scan

apus browser virus scan is one of the history on my phone most comprehensive and well-rounded antivirus junk birlar, useless junk and speed-up applications that works in Google android. It packs the most up-to-date technology in net technological into a lightweight bundle that includes a built/in download manager, top class search engine and nifty control panel to modify home screens for more personalization. It comes with vital privacy-friendly features necessary to protect your information and comes with a complete suite of entirely free anti-virus software and gunk cleansers that stay away from big name brands like Yahoo Perform, Amazon com On the internet and Facebook to protect consumer privacy.

The two-mode scanner quickly locates and eliminates apps that you don’t use anymore which frees up space and increasing device performance. It can also handle recurring documents in order to increase system speed and improve overall device efficiency. It is backed by a trustworthy company and comes with a promise of a full refund if you’re not satisfied with the product or service.

APUS Browser is available for download for free on the Google Play Store. However the developer has added in-app purchases to unlock extra functions. The developer has added the turbo feature to reduce the recording, page and online video loading times to speed up browsing. Also included is a night mode which dims the screen in order to minimize eye strain. The app comes with an option for video games that automatically turns HTML games into full screen modes.

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